How Much Would A Full World Tour Be?

cost to travel the world

If you have the wanderlust in you and the desire to look around places, the question that would pop into your mind often is how much would a round trip around the world cost you. This is the best answer that we have come to after considering a lot of aspects.


A full round tour around the world would cost you anywhere between $20,000 to $30,000 depending on a number of variables.


What are the variables that would affect the cost of your trip?

Travelling Around the World

Most often the main thing that affects the cost of your trip would be – When you plan to travel and where you plan to go. There are a few more variables as well as the choice of your accommodation, food, as well as your choice of activities when you are there.


When are you planning your trip? The season makes a huge difference in the price of any tour. When you plan to travel in the best suited season, you might find that the price is more than an off-season price.


Where are you planning to go? There is a huge difference between the prices in some parts of the world compared to the rest. Some parts of the world are not accessible for travel and some are not best suited for a tour. Among the most popular tourist destinations, Europe, United States, Australia and Japan would cost you more than a trip to India, South East Asian countries, and Central American Countries.


What are you planning to do? In general, activities that are popular could be expensive. For instance, Skydives, Snorkeling, Ski Slopes, Chopper Rides, and Dune Buggies are expensive compared to simpler activities like visiting a museum or beach.


Your choice of food – When you choose street vendors, local supermarkets, the price would be lesser than choosing an expensive restaurant on your trip.

Your Choice of Staying – As a norm, youth hostels, guest houses, shared accommodation, long-term rentals could cost you lesser than choosing a luxurious place to crash. In short, your luxury is directly proportional to the amount you spend on your trip.


What are the essential expenses on a world trip?

Lessons Learned

These are the basic essentials when you are planning a world tour. They are:


  1. Travel expenses including flights and other local transport
  2. Accommodation expense
  3. Food and Drink
  4. To Do activities


Based on a number of traveler’s popular itinerary and their world tours expenses spent in a year, an average world tour could cost anywhere between $20,000 to $30,000. It would work out to be roughly $2500 to $3000 per month per person. In fact, for many people staying at home would cost the same if they were traveling around the world at the same time. Longer trips would also work out cheaper than shorter trips. If you prefer your trip to be in the lap of luxury, you would end up spending up to two or three times of this average budget. After all, choices make a lot of difference to the style and type of your tour!